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“Understanding learning from the learners’ perspective is the crucial starting point for our work as teachers, trainers, and course designers in improving student learning in distance and open learning.”

Alistair Morgan, 1993 : 11

Open educational resources (OER) are now widely available online often with an attached copyright licence allowing sharing and reuse by others. As a result “every person in the world enjoys free (no cost) access to the OER and free (no cost) permission to engage” (Wiley & Green, 2012, p.81). Beyond this open-content free-of-cost functional definition, we need now to explore improving accessibility and other aspects in a quality definition. Then we need to investigate what aspects or characteristics of OER are most desirable that are correlated to improved learning achieved by student end-users. The aim of this Blog is to explore dimensions of OER that impact on quality and that lead to improved learning. Ideas, Conversation and Comments are invited at every stage of this exploration.

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Morgan, A. (1993). Improving your students’ learning : Reflections on the experience of study. Kogan Page in association with the IET, Open University, London.

Wiley, D., & Green, C. (2012). Why openness in education ? In D.G. Oblinger (Ed.) Game Changers : Education and Information Technologies, (pp. 81-90). EduCause Books. Retrieved December 20, 2012, from http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/pub7203.pdf


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