The Domains of Learning as a Template

Dear Folks,

The Framework that is proposed here, for talking about OER quality concerns, is based on the five Domains of Learning template. I have gone through the literature and continue to do so, and find that all components suggested by various reports can be fitted cleanly onto this template.

A background Paper and an associated Presentation on the Domains of Learning are prepared. Briefly the five Domains and their respective coverage are summarised below. Together these constitute a full and comprehensive model of learning, to serve as the basis of a Framework here.

Table :  The Domains of Learning for OER

Cognitive Domain : the content knowledge, content skills, and reflective critical thinking skills to be learnt

Affective Domain : the motivations, attitude and decision to initiate performance, learner independence and autonomy

Metacognitive Domain : understanding how the task is performed, and the ability to self-monitor, evaluate and plan own future learning

Environment Domain : the localisation, artistic presentation, language, multimedia, interactivity, and embedded links to other content

Management Domain : discoverability, tagging, including for time management, transmissibility, business models

I am still collecting your ideas and comments, and these will be collated as far as possible into this Framework.

All Best Wishes


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