Quality Not Static

Dear Folks,

Moving onwards from my Posting yesterday, we want to emphasize that Quality is not a static goal, to be achieved and filed away to gather dust. And Quality is not just a convenient bunch of measurables such as Student Satisfaction, In-Class Clicker Noise, or Pop-Test Grade Scores.

We need  QAi  = a blend of Quality Assurance with Quality Improvement.

Quality is a dynamic value – much like that given to ‘open’ by Ross Paul (1993, p.116) “The point is not so much whether or not a particular educational system can be classified as ‘open’ but whether it is more open than a previous alternative.” [emphasis added as italics] Accordingly we need a term such as ‘improving Quality Assurance‘ or ‘Quality Assurance Improvement‘ as QAi to represent what my old headmaster used to write on my report-card ~ “Good quality but could do better !”

Readers may wish to remind themselves that QA and QI are a little different. Quality Assurance compares ones own OER product with ones own predetermined standard, irrespective of any outside standards, with the aim of the OER being fit-for-purpose : QA compares internal OERs. Whereas Quality Improvement compares the current standard for OER soon to be created against an old standard produced in the past : QI compares internal standards.

Paul, R.H. (1993). Open universities : The test of all models. In K. Harry, M. John, & D. Keegan (Eds.), Distance education : New perspectives, (pp. 114-125). London : Routledge.

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