The Need for Publishing Houses

Dear Folks,

I’m wondering about the function and need for OER to have institutional branding – whether this is achieved by an Elite University shield, by a nobel laureate author’s name, or by a Publishing Company logo. Branding serves to some great extent (with good external face validity) to authenticate or authoritise the content as being accurate, up-to-date and peer-reviewed. Such branding essentially certifies the OER as being fit-for-purpose. How else can we put into practice the set of checks and balances to assure the quality of OER ? We cannot rely on anonymous student end-user feedback. One suggestion is of course using WikiEducator and public Wiki-style team-produced OER. Putting all OER onto WikiOER or similar is certainly one way. However, the current OER creative pathway starts with a teacher in a local context modularising one teaching point, then sharing this with in-house colleagues, before disseminating to the world. Can we have another strand for OER creation that has the public involved from the outset or will the cold-reality of public openness put out the flames of desire in the innovator’s heart, and stifle creativity ?

How best to ensure accuracy in OER content ?

Your input here or to me  much appreciated ~

all best wishes


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