Creating Cityscape Intersecting Pathways of Multiple OER

Dear Folks,

Course design should incorporate a number of OER on different pathways to best suit each learner’s own choices and level. While Derntl, Parrish & Botturi (2010) simply entangle themselves in Figure 4 (p.197) trying to show a route from start to end with either zero, one, two, or three waystations, there are available platforms that we could utilise for the desirable complexity we want for OER pathways and interactive courses.

These multimedia platforms now available can be used to create interactive narratives with choices that appear depending on the user’s activity, eg inklewriter at, varytale at or storify at among others. If an end-user has difficulty in an interactive task, the text / platform can raise options for remedial study, or to other tasks or routes. The platform could perhaps host a whole course involving multiple intersecting pathways.

The inklewriter platform was the topic of a blog posting by Anastasia Salter yesterday, and I think the application of this technique to OER could be tremendous. What do you think ?

All best wishes


Derntl, M., Parrish, P., & Botturi, I. (2010). Beauty and precision : Weaving complex educational technology projects with visual instructional design languages. International Journal on e-learning, 9 (2), 185-202. Retrieved February 3, 2013, from

Salter, A. (2013). Choose your own classroom adventure with inklewriter. Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 February. Retrieved February 8, 2013, from

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