OER are Balloons

Dear Folks,

I am using the metaphor of a balloon… what metaphors do you use ?

Using the metaphor of an OER as a balloon, though sometimes filled with good teaching – not just hot air (and difficult to see the difference from the outside without good metadata labelling), we can illustrate the OER localisation processes.

Especially in large classes where the teacher cannot logistically initiate the better intrinsic motivations to learn, then extrinsic rewards can be attached to the balloons. This is done at the intermediate-level of the teacher-reuser who pulls down a balloon from above in the repository and adapts it for a course to send down to the masses of student end-users below. The teacher adds extrinsic rewards such as a decorative Badge or paper Certificate of Completion (occasionally the offer of a take-away credit token to use in some degree or diploma course). Giving extrinsic rewards is illustrated here by the teacher attaching dollar-bills to each balloon to incentivise enrolment.

You can see my colourful illustrations at http://www.open-ed.net/oer-quality/localisation.ppt ~enjoy !

with best wishes


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