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Dear Folks,

Of interest to everyone working in the OER field, during the past week a very successful Regional Consultation Workshop on Developing Quality Guidelines for Open Educational Resources was organised by Sanjaya Mishra, of the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA, http://cemca.org.in), New Delhi, and the Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad, India. The consultation among experts from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India is producing some outputs that will be developed openly in the next few days and weeks, with some details at  http://www.cemca.org.in/news/experts-commonwealth-asia-discuss-quality-guidelines-open-educational-resources-13-15-march-201

Three outputs in particular are worth noting. One is the construction of guidelines on quality, for teachers and/or students as original authors or adapters of OER. Another is the development of a training module (much like that used for online tutor training) for these authors and adapters, with built in examples, models, templates and so forth. The other is the concept of a new domain suffix as (dot).oer. While this third output initially related to discoverability concerns, what with the millions of already existing OER many of doubtful quality and reusability, the domain.oer could serve as a white-list of good quality OER from now onwards. It could serve as a process gateway through which people prepare their OER conscientiously. So that rather than dumping out-of-date lectures, the authors prepare good quality OER.

with all best wishes


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