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Dear Folks,

We are pleased to have published version-1.0 of the Commonwealth of Learning Guidelines for prospective authors and creators of OER. The Quality Assurance Guidelines for Open Educational Resources : T.I.P.S. Framework is now available freely at http://cemca.org.in/ckfinder/userfiles/files/OERQ_TIPS_978-81-88770-07-6.pdf  (1.2MB) and at http://www.open-ed.net/oer-quality/tips-v1.0.pdf.

Basically the intended readers of these Guidelines are practising teachers at the chalkface and their students. While MOOC (and now mOOC) cater to tertiary students, these OER Guidelines cater for pre-tertiary teachers and their students – including those in pre-primary, primary, and secondary education and those in vocational education and informal education (eg adult lifelong learning, and out-of-school teaching and learning). This is version-1.0, and version-1.2 should be ready by the end of July. A draft consultatation version-v1.2 (4.6MB) is available for you at http://www.open-ed.net/oer-quality/tips-v1.2.pdf. Versions will be continuously released in consort with feedback received from ongoing workshops and experience reported by users. You can get copies from me through email if you have difficulty with internet access.

The author Paul Kawachi thanks Sanjaya Mishra, Fred Lockwood, Colin Latchem, Patrick McAndrew, Andy Lane, Mary Thorpe, Rob Farrow, V.S. Prasad, and many others who engaged in constructive conversations both in face-to-face and online discussions. CEMCA presents its sincere thanks to all the participants, presenters, expert resource persons in the Regional Consultation Workshop held at Hyderabad. Special thanks are due to Tan Sri Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan and to Prof. V.S. Prasad for their valuable advice to improve these Guidelines.

The Proceedings of the OER Workshop at Hyderabad is published separately at http://cemca.org.in/ckfinder/userfiles/files/OER%20Quality_Hyderabad%20Final_20130430.pdf.

Feedback and conversation as usual to me at


with all best wishes


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