OER is just a Game ?

or to put it in another way, Can a Game be an OER ?

Dear Folks,

Gamification is now the new opiate for the masses, but there are real concerns over whether online games can be harnessed for improving learning. One aspect will certainly be the efficiency – since the game player may spend much longer to achieve the equivalent learning got by plain old study. Countering this aspect, there is the argument that gamification serves those individuals who would not otherwise bother to learn : that gamification acts as a kind of Tojan Horse carrying the learning content, input, assimilation, acquisition, mastery and automation. For this we need to design the game experience meticulously – which is far from easy.

The mechanisms involved are closely entwined with virtual presence and social presence. These are already known to be effective in bringing the outsider to become an insider and start to learn (or be ready to learn) – see for example Kawachi 2013 among several others.

We are particularly interested in gamification as a component inside MOOC to stimulate enrolled individuals to engage, and to retain them. In order to proceed, we are collecting online games to see what impact on learning they can have. Then of course we could add the open licence and claim they are OER. At the moment they are difficult to adapt because of the software used, and adding an open licence is also not going to be easy – many are copyrighted and locked, while others appear to be unattributed learning objects and may need a public domain open licence. Nevertheless gamification or putting a fun factor into OER seems worthwhile exploring further.

with all best wishes


Kawachi, P. (2013). Online social presence and its correlation with learning. International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, 1 (1), 19-31. ISSN 2050-3954 http://www.inderscience.com/storage/f122105914113867.pdf

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